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Ableton - DV247

Since its inception in 1999, Ableton has been developing modern music software for creative people. The focus is on the DAW Ableton Live and the tailored DAW controller Push. Today, the Berlin software company employs more than 100 developers and team members, many of whom are active musicians and DJs. Since the first release of Ableton Live in October 2001, the music software has been highly praised by the trade press as well as by the users. Ableton Live - that means producing music and everything that entails: recording audio, songwriting, audio mixing, sound design and live performance. All in one music app for a global community of electronic live acts, electric producers, DJs, VJs, songwriters, sound designers, instrument designers. Read more...


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About Ableton

Ableton Live - the modern DAW from Berlin

Ableton Live is a music software for Mac and Windows PC that connects all phases of music creation, from recording and composition to production and live performance with music, visuals and video - all on one audio computer. As an intuitive improvisation tool, Live supports the realisation of spontaneous ideas. For music and media production, Ableton Live offers professional tools such as internal software instruments and effect plug-ins as well as comprehensive compatibility with common studio formats. On stage, Live is characterised by expressive control options and the legendary stability that thousands of musicians around the world rely on.

Creative music tool and studio in the audio computer

Ableton Live was one of the first audio sequencers with automatic tempo synchronisation of audio tracks - a revolution among the prevailing music apps in 2001. At that time, audio and MIDI sequencer programmes such as Cubase, Logic or Pro Tools did not allow the automatic adjustment of the playback speed of the audio tracks and the song tempo of the sequencer programme. Standard today, a highlight back then: Ableton Live does not change the pitch of the audio recordings when the song tempo is changed. Conventional sequencers recalculate such time-stretching in a complicated way or process it specially by means of audio slicing (Recycle).

Real-time timestretching: Synchronous beats in Ableton Live with Warp

Time-stretching is something Ableton Live can do in real time. Combined with an ingenious handling of audio clips, Ableton's DAW software quickly became the most important audio sequencer for live use - you no longer need any additional tools or special plug-ins for this: in Ableton Live, you simply drag an audio clip from the browser into the Session View, and the sound - whether drums, beats, basslines, pads or sequences - immediately plays in perfect timing. This is made possible by Ableton Live's innovation at the time called Warp. The great and special thing about it is that the time-stretching process preserves transients in the audio material and ensures that audio loops retain their attack and punch even when the tempo is slowed down considerably. In addition, Ableton Live allows you to adjust the pitch without changing the tempo, so that musical motifs and harmonies can also be transposed easily.

Loop-oriented production with Session View and audio clips

A groundbreaking new feature of the first version of Ableton Live was a consistent loop-oriented approach that still defines the software's futuristic look and can be seen on thousands of laptop screens in clubs and on stages worldwide. In Session View, audio clips can be intuitively layered into complex beats - even if you're not a trained composer, arranger or instrumentalist, you can conjure up professional-sounding beats with Ableton Live.

From loop to song: Ableton Live for songwriting and production

With Ableton Live's ingenious Session View, it is possible to create complex arranged music live and spontaneously. Arrange and plan your music production in the form of audio and MIDI tracks: cut audio, mix music with effects and plug-ins. In the Arrange View, you edit music with Ableton Live right up to the finished produced track. Ableton Live is not exclusively a DJ software. The programme's possibilities are much more diverse. Songwriters in particular appreciate the advantages of starting intuitively with a beat in Session View and then completing the entire song in Arrange View.

Ableton Live Suite

Minimise to maximise - Ableton always remains true to its standard of reducing the range of functions to the essentials in order to maximize creativity. With each new version number, the Berlin software manufacturer keeps the intuitive operating concept clear and transparent. Each time, new functions were added that further improved the workflow. In addition, Ableton constantly added to the collection of internal plug-ins - both effects and software instruments from its own house. The opulently equipped version Ableton Live Suite now contains a huge sample library, software synthesisers and effect plug-ins.

Max for Live: Ableton for creative instrument designers

With the integration of the object-oriented development environment Max/MSP/Jitter, Ableton Live took the next big step. Whether you need a software synthesiser, a groove box or a specially designed sound effect - with Max for Live, (almost) anything can be realised. The versatility of Max for Live is remarkable; operating it is something for technology nerds and specialists. As an Ableton user, you will always get completely new and extraordinary software instruments especially for Max for Live, immediately applicable to your production.

Ableton Live at your fingertips: Hardware Controller Push

Ableton Push - the next big step! DAW controllers that made the popular Session View "touchable" in particular were released by Novation and Akai - with Push, Ableton then brought out its own vision of hardware controller, which became a mega-success in no time. Turn the DAW software into a musical instrument thanks to close Ableton program interlocking. High-quality hardware that can be operated comfortably via large displays.