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The former NASA engineer Alan R. Pearlman founded the company ARP Instruments with David Friend in 1969. The clearly structured instruments with many sliders were, as usual at that time, analog throughout and sounded in good parts audibly different from their competitors. Read more...


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With the two giants 2500 and 2600, ARP made itself immortal, because these instruments, which were outstanding in their opulence and size, were then as now a dream of a synthesizer. Much more compact and therefore more interesting for many bands and studios respectively was the Odyssey from 1972, which contains the common structure of a two-oscillator synthesizer and is equipped with a number of switches, which allow for variations and provide a modular feel despite the given options. Until 1980, other electronic instruments followed, such as the Analog Sequencer 1601, the storable Quadra or the string machine "Solina".

The Odyssey has been available again in various versions (Revision 1/2/3, Full Size, Desktop) for a few years now, made possible by industry giant KORG. In 2020 Korg surprised with a manageable reissue of the ARP 2600 in original size, which was sold out in no time.