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The Series that thrills everyone.

FAME is presenting their new acoustic drum set line-up in 2016 with the FIRE, SPARK and BLAZE sets. The Fame Spark complete set offers everything that a beginner needs to launch a successful start into the world of drums. The Fame Blaze complete set is perfectly suited for aspiring future pros. While highly ambitious and demanding drummers will surely reach for the Fame Fire, our new high-class set – with premium looks, sounds and craftsmanship!

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The new Flagship:
Fame Fire Shellset

The undisputed price/performance champion of the new acoustic drum sets is clearly the Fame Fire: It is suited for more advanced players and especially professionals with limited budgets, while still meeting all professional requirements. A 6-ply maple shell, a balanced sound and various other top features make the Fire shell sets from Fame a true all-rounder that makes an absolutely great impression in the studio, on stage or at jam sessions!

● Shell set with 6-ply maple shells

Set consists of: 1x Bass Drum, 2x Tom Tom, 1x Floor Tom and 1x Snare Drum

● Available Setups: Stage & Studio

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The Complete Sets:
Fame Spark & Blaze

These sets provides the drummer with everything they need to start their journey in the drum world: bass drum, snare drum, 2 tom toms, floor tom, cymbal set, stands, pedals and a throne. The shells of the slightly more premium Fame Blaze are crafted from Pappel, a very popular material in the beginner sector, as it is still able to deliver excellent sound characteristics despite its relatively inexpensive price. You simply can’t get more drums for your money.

● Both Sets include a 5-piece Hardware package

● Incl. "How to set up a Drum-Kit" DVD

● Available in BLACK, RED & WHITE finishes

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Great Look & Diverse Finishes

Premium, rubber gasket lined shell hardware in chrome and the bolted-on Fame logo badge rounds off the already polished appearance of the new Fame acoustic drum sets. Together with the available lacquer finishes, all technical and aesthetic demands of a modern drum set are satisfied.
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Three Versions:
Stage, Studio or Standard

The Fame acoustic drum sets are available in three different variations: Standard, Stage and Studio. Each version consists of: 1x Bass Drum, 2x Tom Tom, 1x Floor Tom and 1x Snare Drum, each shell in their typical variation size. This guarantees diverse choices for diverse requiremnets!

● Available Fire Sets: Stage & Studio

● Available Blaze Sets: Standard & Studio

● Available Spark Sets: Standard, Studio & Deluxe

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All available Configurations & Finishes