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Fame audio - MSW Pro 1/2/4 Bodypack

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Following the extremely successful introduction of the FAME Audio MSW Pro handheld transmitters, pocket transmitter systems are now available as an extension to the MSW Pro Bodypack System product range. The wireless systems are available in single, dual and quad versions.

MSW Pro 2 Receiver

The MSW Pro 2 receiver is the heart of the set and offers several functions that make working wirelessly easier. The MSW-PRO1 searches for free frequencies via the scan-button and confirms this with "Scan ok" on the OLED display. Of course, it is also possible to manually select the suggested frequencies by pressing the menu button: 2 groups of 8 frequencies each and a bank for storing your favourites are available. The transmission range is up to 60m. XLR and jack outputs are available to the user. All receivers of the MSW Pro bodypack series can be mounted in a 19 "rack (MSW Pro 1 optional!), so that they are also suitable for touring applications.

MSW Pro Bodypack

Using the MSW Pro Bodypack is very easy. The robust plastic housing and above all the good transmission performance are convincing. Thanks to the automatic synchronization of the devices, the bodypack only needs to be switched on and held in front of the receiver with the IR interface (press the Sync button on the receiver).

The Frequency

Die MSW Pro Bodypack wireless systems operate in the registration and cost free frequency ranges.

MSW Pro 1 863 - 865 Mhz
MSW Pro 2 863 - 865 Mhz
MSW Pro 4 823 - 832 Mhz & 863 - 865 Mhz

Best Possible Flexibility

Since the MSW Pro body pack system is modular, you are not forced to buy ready-made sets. Simply select the microphone or connection cable components you need! In addition to the guitar connection cable, two headsets and a lavalier microphone are also available!

Fame Audio

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