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Available now: Online Catalogue for iOS and Android devices

Browse our interactive catalogue now. Next to the interactivity, the new catalogue offers a number of other advantages: the direct connection to our online shop ensures that all price changes as well as availability status’ are updated daily, and naturally you can order right away.

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Or use our HTML5 catalogue 2022-I:

MUSIC STORE Catalogue 2022-01 Print


The printed version:
Over 560 pages of HITS & NEWS

On over 560 pages we present the newest and best deals. Next to great images, we also offer all relevant information and data. Out catalogue is simply a must for musicians and you shouldn’t go without: Be it in a practice room, studio or on your sofa.

Please note: The current 2022 catalogue is now out of print and can therefore no longer be ordered. The new catalogue will be published in autumn.

MUSIC STORE Catalogue 2022-01 Print



Included FREE with any order:
Simply add it your shopping cart

If you have already added some other products to your shopping cart, you will be offered the option to add the catalogue to your order for FREE. All you have to do is agree and you will receive it with the rest of you order. You can also add the catalogue to your shopping cart as you would any other product. Don’t panic: it will be initially added with a nominal charge of 3.90€ but as soon as you add more items to your shopping cart, the fee for the catalogue will disappear.