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Mobile PA Speaker - Photo Copyright by JBL

Mobile PA Speakers

Portable PAs, battery-powered loudspeakers or column systems are a popular companion for on the go and provide suitable sound reinforcement regardless of location. Accordingly, well-known manufacturers such as Bose, JBL, HK Audio, dB Technologies, Fame and LD-Systems offer a wide range of different models, which, in addition to very good sound, strong bass and a long battery life, rely on a compact, portable design. However, the mobile speakers should not only sound good, but also be easy to operate and support important transmission standards. Of course, the intended use also plays an important role: splash water protection, for example, ensures that the mobile speaker is also suitable for permanent outdoor use.

Mobile PA systems are available in different price and performance classes and offer not only musicians or solo entertainers the possibility to make music in different places without much fuss. Especially in spring or summer temperatures, battery-powered loudspeakers are ideal for celebrating and barbecuing outside with friends and acquaintances. Whether out and about at the lake, on a sunny afternoon in the garden or at large parties.

HK Audio
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