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Sennheiser IE PRO Serie

MORE ME - In-ear monitoring reinvented

Discover the power of dynamic in-ear monitors!

Most commercially available in-ear headphones are based on technology that actually stems from hearing aids. While their multi-way drivers permit a more compact design – it is at the expense of overall acoustic performance. Consequently, Sennheiser has developed and reinvented the dynamic driver system in many ways. The result finally enables a powerfully large sound in a very small space. The phenomenally low distortion factor is only one of the several advantages..

The higher-end IE 400 PRO and IE 500 PRO generate their sound by virtue of Sennheisers TrueResponse technology from drivers measuring only 7mm. The entry-level IE 40 PRO system utilizes 10mm drivers. The optimized design now uses the full air volume and every square millimeter for optimized sound conduction – and leaves lots of space for a finally comfortable fit. Their compact construction ensures that it sits securely and remains wearable, especially during long sessions..

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