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Sennheiser XS Wireless 1 – low priced wireless system for beginners

The Sennheiser wireless microphone systems of the new XS-Wireless-1 series impress with excellent sound, great transmission quality, simple operation and a nice price.
A wireless microphone set of the XS-Wireless-1 series is designed for live operation and can be integrated into every PA system when it comes to wireless transmission of vocal microphones and instruments. The intuitive operation quickly makes you forget that you are working with a high-end wireless system.


Item-Nr.: PAH0018740-000

Available in our central warehouse
£ 248.00

Item-Nr.: PAH0018715-000

Available in our central warehouse
£ 239.00

Item-Nr.: PAH0018721-000

Available in our central warehouse
£ 279.00

Item-Nr.: PAH0018727-000

Available in our central warehouse
£ 287.00

Item-Nr.: PAH0018733-000

Available in our central warehouse
£ 326.00

Small solution for large live performance

The centerpiece of every Sennheiser XS-Wireless-1 system is the EM XSW-1 receiver which can be configured in just a few simple steps. An important feature for those who are looking to operate multiple systems - there are eight frequency banks with up to 10 channel presets to select from. The entire operation is as simple as the use of common microphones with cables.

Wireless microphone set: Sennheiser microphones from the Evolution series

The great sound of the XS-Wireless-1 systems is a result of the use of the excellent handheld microphones from the Sennheiser Evolution series. For the vocal sets, you can choose between the e 825 and the e 835.

Sennheiser XS Wireless 1 Bodypack

The new XS-Wireless-1 is not just suitable for Sennheiser wireless microphones, you can also use it for guitar, headset or Lavalier microphones. The communication with the receiver is done via Bodypack which can easily be synced with the XSW receiver thanks to adjustable frequencies.