Befaco Percall (Assembled)

Товар: SYN0007522-000
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Befaco Percall (Assembled) 12HP Drum/Percussion Eurorack Module with 4x VCAs and 4x Gate/Trigger Inputs  Вся информация о товаре

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Информация о продукте - Befaco Percall (Assembled)

Drum/Percussion Eurorack Module

  • 12HP
  • Depth: 25mm
  • 4x VCAs
  • 4x Decay Envelopes
  • 4x Gate/Trigger Inputs
  • 4x Audio Inputs
  • 4x CV Outputs
  • 4x Single Outputs
  • Mix Output
  • +12V: 80mA, -12V: 60mA
  • Finish: Black/Red

The Befaco Percall (Assembled) is a versatile Eurorack Module, offering an interesting 4-fold combination of Envelope, Mixer and VCA. For each Channel, a Decay Envelope is activated by a Gate or Trigger Signal, thus opening the VCA. The Decay Phase can be Modulated by Control Voltage. The Module is perfect for all who want to build their own Drum Sounds: different Noise Characters, even with a Filter in between, are suitable for Snare and Hi-Hat Sounds. If you need Cowbells, Congas or Bongos, you can use Oscillator mixtures. Even Clock Signals and Modulations in the audio range (fast LFO) are a suitable Input material. If you add the CV of the Envelope to the Sound Sources, Befaco Percall really brings your own Drum Sounds to life.


  • Производитель: Befaco
  • TE / HP: 12
  • Глубина (мм): 25
  • + 12 V (mA): 80
  • - 12 V (mA): 60
Befaco Percall (Assembled) Изображение товараBefaco Percall (Assembled)
208,40 €
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