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Stereo Multimeter Software for Mac and PC, Geniometer, Correlation Meter, Spectral Display FFT Analyzer, RTA Real Time Audio An...  Вся информация о товаре

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  • Онлайн
  • БОЛЕЕ 3000 ВИДЕО
  • 3 ГОДА
  • 55.000 ТОВАРОВ

Информация о продукте - Pinguin PG-AMM-Enterprise

license code


  • Multimeter Software for Mac and PC
  • Music mastering from CDs, DVD-Video, SACD, Blue Ray
  • 5.1 Meter (flat RMS, QPPM, VU or ITU, Katz Scales)
  • PPM Meter (flat RMS, QPPM, VU or ITU, Katz Scales)
  • PPM 8 Channels(flat RMS, QPPM, VU or ITU, Katz Scales)
  • PPM 16 Channels(flat RMS, QPPM, VU or ITU, Katz Scales)
  • PPM 5.1(flat RMS, QPPM, VU or ITU, Katz Scales)
  • PPM Multi Stereo(flat RMS, QPPM, VU or ITU, Katz Scales)
  • Surround Locator
  • 128 Bands FFT
  • Geniometer
  • LEQ Numeric
  • Correlation Meter
  • Multi Frequency Correlation Meter
  • EBU Loudness Bargraph
  • Spectral Display FFT Analyzer with 3D View
  • Loudness Network Logger for 4 channels
  • RTA Real Time Audio Analyzer
  • Sampling rates up to 96kHz
  • Up to 17 instruments can be used in any combination
  • PGAMMWire plug-in for easy DAW integration
  • Standalone operation
  • All instruments are scalable and can be maximized
  • Supported formats: Standalone / VST2 / VST3 / AU / AAXnative
  • system requirements: Win7 or higher, Mac OSX 10.12 - 10.15, internet connection

The Penguin PG-AMM Enterprise in Video

The PG-AMM-Enterprise of the Hamburg company Pinguin offers a metering software, in which a total of 17 measuring instruments can be used in any combination on the screen surface. This is a stand-alone program that is ideal for music mastering and 5.1 surround productions (CD, DVD-Video, SACD, Blue Ray).

In addition, this stereo multimeter software turns any MAC or PC equipped with a decent sound card into a professional, easy on the eyes, stand-alone audio measuring device. A central element of the Penguin meter is the level control, which offers numerous setting options for the analysis windows, decay times, display variants and the like.

In addition, you can also use a spectrometer, which displays the energy curve in the frequency spectrum on a time axis. Especially concerning frequency and stereo metering, the Penguin Meter offers a number of useful options.

With the plug-in "PG-AMMWire" and the associated possibility to tap audio streams in the DAW and send them to the software, Pinguin combines the best of both worlds: The flexibility and versatility of a standalone software with the option to use it comfortably in conjunction with a DAW.


  • Производитель: Pinguin
  • Software type: Audio Tool
  • Version: Full version
  • Платформа: Mac/PC
  • Supported plug-in formats: Standalone
  • Maximum input channels: 32
  • Licensing type: Internet
PINGUIN PG-AMM-Enterprise License Code Изображение товараPINGUIN PG-AMM-Enterprise License Code
671,40 €

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