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Avid Sibelius Ultimate Support Renewal (3 Years)

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Avid offers Sibelius Ultimate, a professional tool for creating complex scores characterized by time-saving multi-editing fu...  All product info

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Product information - Avid Sibelius Ultimate License Renewal

Upgrade Plan renewal for 3 years (license code)

Avid offers Sibelius Ultimate, a professional tool for creating complex scores characterized by time-saving multi-editing functions and intelligent interaction with the user interface. Besides the free Sibelius First version, the program is available in 2 further versions (partly also as EDU version), which differ in scope. But what do the current Ultimate versions offer?

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Make multiple text changes simultaneously

If you want to change the dynamic printout in several parts of a score, you can now easily do this by editing the note lines or notes at the same time. Simply select and apply or add to all instruments simultaneously. Adding comments to the technique or adding/editing other text types can also be done in this way.


Add comments directly to a score

To simplify collaboration and review, the annotation function allows you to draw notes directly on a score and share edits, instructions and feedback with others. Notes are intelligently grouped and always remain assigned to the bar in which they were added.

Bringing the workflow up to speed

To work efficiently, Sibelius offers many new features to make composing, arranging and preparing music easier. With the optimized options, copyists can quickly select partitions and note designers can achieve exactly the desired layout.

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Sharing and Cloud Storage

Share your work, exchange ideas, get help from fellow artists, and share your skills with a large network of artists in the Avid Artist community. It is also possible to synchronize Sibelius Cloud Sharing scores with the Community Portfolio.

In addition, Sibelius users are offered a premium cloud storage subscription to get additional storage space - beyond the limit of 20 scores. And as an Avid Pro Tools user, you can set up collaborative projects in this cloud storage space.

Avid Sibelius Ultimate Overview

  • Compose, Arrange & Publish in any size and complexity
  • Creating worksheets and notation exercises for students
  • Use for 2 devices (e.g. desktop + laptop)
  • Access to all new versions


  • normal, double sign, quarter tones, bracketed
  • complete set
  • Clock numbers: Selection of different sizes
  • Bar types: single, double, repetition, dotted, old music
  • bar strokes, irregular: yes
  • bars, line crossing bars: yes
  • Bar/pause groupings customizable
  • Clamps and battery charger: adjustable
  • Chord symbols presentation and MIDI/text input fully customizable
  • Stitch notes (small): yes
  • Dotted notes: single, double, triple
  • Guitars chord grid
  • Guitars Scale Grid
  • Guitar Tab: complete
  • Instruments: Fully customizable scope
  • Jazz articulations: Scoops, Falls, Doits and Plops
  • Lines, user-definable: yes
  • Note values: 512th note (7 bars) to double whole
  • Noteheads, user-definable
  • Ossia staves
  • Page numbers: customizable
  • Lines of notes: unlimited number
  • N-tolen: All


  • Extended notation interpretation: yes
  • Editing MIDI data
  • Integrated sampled sounds: 36 GB library
  • Espressivo 2.0: Custom rhythmic feeling
  • Live Tempo: Record, Edit, Delete & Playback
  • Playback labels for specified repetitions
  • Forks, Rits and Accels playback: adjustable
  • Playback of fermats: adjustable
  • Words that influence playback (e.g. legato): editable


  • comments
  • Arrangement: automatic arrangement and orchestration
  • Comments (notepads)
  • Comparison of different scores and versions
  • Copy and Paste to Word and other programs
  • Time code displays: Customizable format
  • Edit dynamic parts: complete
  • Editing term menus
  • Exporting the change log of a score
  • Export of lyrics as text file
  • Filter for editing similar objects
  • quest
  • Bundling the note lines
  • Export of graphics
  • Highlighting music
  • Ideas Hub: 2000+ ideas in the library with editing function
  • Importing MusicXML files
  • instrument change
  • Merging scores
  • Shortcut keys: customizable
  • Number of verses: unlimited
  • Lyrics from a text file
  • Note input options: complete
  • Panorama - continuous view
  • Paper and desktop textures: 60+
  • voice excerpt
  • Insert as keyword
  • Plug-ins: 140+ included
  • Inspector window for editing individual objects
  • Study characters: fully customizable
  • Repetition structures: fully customizable
  • rulers
  • Moving notes and pauses
  • Special page breaks
  • timeline window
  • swapping voices
  • versions
  • Video incl. time code and hit points
  • Magnetic layout display options
  • Margins, note colors, full screen and more
  • Worksheet Wizard


  • Extended layout function
  • Automatic layout options
  • Font editing: complete
  • Editing note row types
  • Editing text styles
  • Notation rules, editing of several hundred
  • Headers/Footers
  • Import /Export of style sheets
  • Intelligent pauses
  • fully customizable magnetic layout
  • Managing dynamic voices
  • Manuscript papers: many included, some can be created
  • customizable note line sizes
  • Note spacing rules: customizable
  • Reset object position/design
  • stave intervals

Export and Share

  • WAV, AIFF and MP3
  • Optimized export to Avid (App available on the iTunes App Store)
  • Sending a score by e-mail (.sib or.pdf)
  • Export of graphic files: common bitmap and vector formats
  • MIDI file export - Type 0 and Type 1 for each device
  • MusicXML file export (compressed or uncompressed)
  • Export for previous software version
  • Publish directly on
  • Exporting a Scorch (Browser Plug-In) Web Page
  • Publish to YouTube, Facebook, SoundCLoud
  • Sibelius Cloud Sharing: unlimited up to 1GB storage space
  • Exporting a score as a video file

system requirements

Minimum requirements:


  • 64-bit Windows 7 (SP1 or higher), Windows 8.1 (not Windows RT) or Windows 10
  • 1+ GB of RAM
  • 1 GB hard disk space for Sibelius software
  • DVD-ROM drive (for Media Pack only)
  • Internet connection required for download and activation


  • Mac OS X 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, 10.12 or 10.13
  • 1+ GB of RAM 1 GB HD space for Sibelius software; 36 GB additional space for the Sibelius Sounds library (optional installation)
  • DVD-ROM drive (for Media Pack only)
  • Internet connection required for download and activation

Recommended specs for the Sibelius Sounds library:


  • 4+ GB RAM
  • 36 GB hard disk space (SSD preferred)
  • ASIO compatible audio interface or sound card


  • 4+ GB of RAM
  • 36 GB hard disk space (SSD preferred)
  • the 10 GB SIbelius Sounds library is an optional installation
  • An Internet connection is required to download and activate the software


  • Manufacturer: Avid
Avid Sibelius Ultimate Support Renewal (3 Years) Product ImageAvid Sibelius Ultimate Support Renewal (3 Years)
£ 200.00

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