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MOTU Digital Performer 11 deutsch Update vorherige Versionen box

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Plugin, DAW, Software, Mac, PC, VST, Nanosampler, Articulation Map, Quick Scribe, MPE & Per-Note CC Support, Update  All product info

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Product information - MOTU Digital Performer 11 Update (Boxed)

Update from previous Digital Performer versions


  • Professional digital audio workstation (DAW) for recording, arranging, mixing & mastering
  • Update from previous DP versions for Mac & PC
  • Version in German language

New features & improvements

  • Nanosampler 2.0
  • Articulation Map
  • QuickScribe
  • MPE and Per-Note CCs support
  • incl. VSTs
  • CC scaling tool for selected notes
  • Expression data tracks
  • Retrospective recording
  • Chunk folders and playback lists
  • Split view
  • Clip triggering via pad controllers
  • new control surface plug-ins for Native Instruments and iCon
  • Avid EuCon support
  • support for MCU and HUI compatible user interfaces
  • macOS Big Sur, Monterey & Apple Silicon support
  • Live performance mode
  • multi-channel MIDI tracks
  • Advanced view filtering
  • track and clip effects
  • font scaling
  • and more!

MOTU presents Digital Performer 11, a comprehensive digital audio workstation(DAW) that allows you to not only create, edit and mix professional recordings, but also compose extensive pieces. As in the previous versions, the software offers a lot of useful audio tools to optimize your workflow and get the best out of your recordings and VSTs. naturally DP 11 also brings a lot of useful innovations and improvements that allow you to work even more efficiently and thus produce your next hit!

It doesn't matter whether you're a Mac or Windows user, because compatibility is a top priority in this version. This includes the use of various external MIDI controllers, surfaces and plugins.

Furthermore, this is an update from previous DP versions in German language, which makes it even easier for you to find functions and features and integrate them into your workflow.

Nanosampler 2.0

If you like using samples, deforming them and creating completely unique and extraordinary sounds from them, you will love Nanosampler 2.0. The improved tool now gives you three playback modes (Classic, 1-Shot & Slice), ZTX time stretching, envelope and LFO modulation, and trigger and gate playback. You can also minimize click noise with the snapping function, simply reverse or loop samples, and manually adjust fade-ins/outs and volume as needed. The samples (32- and 64-bit floating point support) can be easily imported via drag & drop.

Articulation Maps

Composers and producers can take advantage of flexible articulation maps that allow them to maintain full control over modern, expressive orchestral sound libraries. Whether VSL, EastWest, Spitfire, or Cinesamples, create or import maps to create dynamic instruments and ensembles, and program masterpieces with unprecedented realism. Or simply enjoy live performance and play dynamically with great musical impact.

You can also use virtual sheet music, so you can set articulations, tremolos, trills, etc. in a classical way and bring them to life in the DAW with appropriate virtual instruments.

MPE and Per-Note CCs Support

Finally it is now possible to record regular MIDI notes with expression data multi-channel from a MPE controller like the Roli Seaboard. Instead of getting NOten and controller data spread over different tracks, you now get a single stream of regular MIDI notes, each with its own information. This allows you to work even more intuitively and always keep track of what's going on. Hide or show the included controllers per note and display pitch differences in DP's familiar piano roll. Enlarge the note grid and controller data independently of the corresponding notes.

To get you started right away some VSTs and virtual synths are included!

Modern & efficient audio tools for a faster workflow.

Among the somewhat inconspicuous but nevertheless practical features are audio tools that make your work easier and save you time. For example, eg. Scale controller data in individual notes, open sub-tracks for MPE expression data per note, and activate retroactive recording. Transposing and quantizing has never been easier and can be done with just one click. Save your eyes and scale the font, benefit from dynamic sliders that resize as you zoom in or out of the mixer, and get visual clarity thanks to the text rendering engine in Windows 10 that makes text much sharper.

Retroactive recordings

Everyone knows it - one sings or plays an instrument and suddenly a riff or a melody arises that they absolutely want to capture and elaborate. But often you forget the idea a few moments later and don't manage to reconstruct it, or only partially.

And that's where DP11 comes in - just select the "Retroactive Recording" command and your musical flash of inspiration is in a track without having started a recording before. And what's special - it works for both MIDI and audio recordings!

Organize with Chunk Folders and Playlists

Use the unique Chunks feature to specify multiple sequences, songs, and V-Racks in a single DP project file, for movie scores and setlists for live shows. Organizing chunks into folders and playlists is also now possible in DP11.

Split the chunk list into two sections for better management. For example, you can search for a chunk in the upper section and assign it to a new location in the lower section. Managing your chunks has never been easier.

Clip triggering, new control surfaces & comprehensive hardware control.

Novation and Akai pad controllers are now even easier to integrate, so you can focus on your live performance. Play your music in DP's extensive Clips window using the pads, trigger individual clips or entire scenes, apply filter sweeps and other effects processing, and enjoy your live performance without having to create complicated setups.

Do you own Native Instruments controllers or iCon products? No problem - Digital Performer 11 includes new control surface plug-ins for the latest devices to make your work even faster and more intuitive. This includes the M32 and A Series and S Series, as well as iCON control-mixing workspaces such as the QCon Pro G2/EX, Pro X/XS, Platform Nano, and Platform M/X Series.

Further hardware compatibility

Console 1 and EuCon console owners can also enjoy the new update and benefit from the workflow as well. This will make your next mixing experience more enjoyable and intuitive, so you can focus more on your music.

(For more information on compatibility with external devices, visit the manufacturer's site).

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