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iZotope Mix & Master Bundle Advanced License Code

Item: PCM0017412-000
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Product information - iZotope Mix & Master Bundle (License Code)

Ozone 10 Advanced, Neutron 4, Nectar 3 Plus, Tonal Balance Control 2 & Neoverb

Gray Runner
  • comprehensive software package with many features for mixing and mastering engineers
  • including Ozone 10 Advanced, Neutron 4, Tonal Balance Control 2, Neoverb, Melodyne essentials, Nectar 3 Plus
  • modern user interface, fast workflow
  • lots of help to enable even beginners to achieve professional results
  • presets for good starting points when mixing/mastering
  • including efficient equalizers, compressors, analyzers, etc.

Note: This product is delivered as license code. No box, no data carrier or similar. Please inform yourself BEFORE buying about the registration/download on the manufacturer's website. Software is excluded from exchange.

iZotope Mix & Master Bundle Advanced Overview

With iZotope's Mix & Master Bundle, you get professional software tools that take your productions to a new Level. On board are Ozone 10 Advanced and Neutron 4, as well as Tonal Balance Control 2, Neoverb and Nectar 3 Plus. You are a beginner? No problem - with built-in features and help, you'll be turning your projects into impressive sessions worth listening to in no time. Are you a pro? Then you'll feel right at home. Thanks to the modern, clear user interfaces of all iZotope plug-ins, you'll always get where you want to go quickly without losing sight of what's most important - focusing on your music. Get access to excellent equalizers, compressors, limiters, analyzers and much more!

Ozone 10 Advanced

Creating a professional Master has never been easier than with iZotope's Ozone 10 Advanced software. Not only do you get full access to EQ, compressor, limiter and other audio tools to shape the sound to your liking, but you also benefit from artificial intelligence that analyzes music and provides mastering suggestions on demand. If you're pressed for time or don't dare to master yourself, you can expect professional Master that meets today's standards in no time.

Previous versions have already delighted music creators around the world, but now a number of new features and improvements have been added to make your workflow more efficient. Mac and PC users can expect great sonic and visual assistance with the Ozone 10 plug-in, which will elevate all projects to a new Level - all in just a few moments!

Compatible with popular DAWs like Cubase, Nuendo, Ableton, Pro Tools, Studio One etc. and the Apple Silicon Chips, the audio software becomes a must-have in every master channel. or bedroom producer, sound engineer, mastering studio or hobby musician: Ozone 10 brings out the best in your music.

What's new?

  • Stabilizer Module - This adaptive mastering EQ helps you achieve a balanced sound
  • Impact Module - Improve the rhythm and feel of your music by intuitively controlling microdynamics.
  • Magnify Soft Clipper - Included in the Maximizer module, this allows you to increase the loudness without negatively affecting the audio signal.
  • Recover Sides - Included in the Imager module, this handy tool helps you maintain quality when reducing the stereo width.
  • Assistant View and - The Master Assistant lands you on the new Assistant View, your smart control center for fast, personalized results

What's been improved?

  • Master Assistant - Easily match the sound of the charts or your favorite reference file with breakthrough sound, dynamics and width adjustment technology.
  • Performance - Ozone 10 is now compatible with Apple Silicon Native chips for even faster processing of audio files.

What's also included?

  • Master Rebalance - Adjust the levels of vocals and other instruments in a stereo audio file, so you can resolve balance issues without needing the original streams.
  • Low End Focus - Adjust the contrast and definition of your low frequencies and get crisp mastering every time
  • Vintage Modules - Use the colorful collection of Vintage modules to add warmth, grit, and a special vibe.
  • Tonal Balance Control - Monitor your Master via unique metering based on values from thousands of professionally mixed tracks, providing genre-specific guidance.

Neutron 4

Neutron 4 by iZotope is a helpful mixing software that integrates with virtually any popular DAW and improves your workflow. Work smarter and save time with the eight included plugins that combine to get the most out of your audio with the support of artificial intelligence. It doesn't matter if you're a Mac or PC user, professional or amateur, or what genre you listen to: Neutron 4 is your versatile mixing assistant that will take your projects to the next level.

Here's a brief overview of iZotope's unique mixing tool:

  • Assistant View: Thanks to machine learning and as soon as you play audio, Assistant View creates reference starting points and a Control Center that allow you to personalize results. Users of older versions know this feature as Track Assistant, only this time you get faster and more flexible results.
  • Target Library: You have a sample or stem whose sound appeals to you? Target Library lets you match your projects to other sound sources to get a similar mix.
  • Unmask Module: The new module helps you find and fix masking problems to bring more clarity to the mix
  • Trash Mode: Looking for hard-hitting distortion to warp synths, vocals or other instruments beyond recognition? The popular Trash plugin is now available as Trash Mode in the Exciter module!
  • Punch Mode: Want to make a lasting impression? Use the intuitive and aggressive compressor to give your tracks that certain something.
  • Furthermore, current M1 Apple Silicon native systems are supported, so Apple users get their money's worth. And as in previous versions, you get full access to the Visual Mixer, Relay and Tonal Balance Control 2!

Tonal Balance Control 2

This handy software plug-in offers you the chance to compare your music with various genres or even individual tracks in terms of frequency response. With just a few clicks it becomes clear whether your production resembles a balanced and professional mix or needs to be touched up. Thereby extremely fine resolutions of the frequencies were omitted, but an average value of various known songs of different genres was added to show this comparison. So this analysis tool is not only for learning, but for a quick check of various tracks when the deadline is breathing down your neck.

Tonal Balance Control 2


iZotope also delivers innovation in the software field with Neoverb, more specifically among reverb effects. Together with Exponential Audio's technology, this reverb plugin is an intelligent solution that allows you to add reverb without negatively affecting the Mix. With the help of the Reverb Wizard, Pre and Post EQs analyze the incoming audio signal and offer suggestions for the sound.

Tame reverb tails very simply and shape the sound according to your ideas - only simpler and more efficient! The focus here is clearly on creativity, not hours of trial-and-error. Take advantage of unique selectable Rooms, Reflections and Spaces for vocals and instruments and take your Mix to the next level.

Production tools for vocals

iZotope Nectar 3 Plus allows you to add vocals at the right place in Mix. First introduced in 2010, Nectar has found a place in studios around the world, providing top-notch tools to get professional results in seconds. With version 3, Nectar helps your vocal tracks sing by addressing every part of the vocal production chain, providing valuable support functions and communication capabilities for your entire session. From correction to creative vocal production to Finish, Nektar 3 brings out your intended performance in isolation and in the context of the mix. Put your vocals in the right place with everything you need for a clear, professional sound.

Note: Nectar 3 Plus, unlike the standard Nectar 3 version, includes an improved version of the Vocal assistant: "Unmask" allows more control of the vocal tracks, and to stand out better and more transparently from the Mix.

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